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Development Of Saudi Arabia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

Development Of Saudi Arabia - Essay ExampleAs the universe grows, Saudi Arabia is highly aware of the needs of its citizens and is taking measures to provide for their needs. The country has two advanced infrastructures with in advance(p) technologies to support them - roads and telecommunication networks. Although railways and ports are considered to be under-developed, they are still functional and provide fitting service to the population of nearby cities. There is still room for improvement and development - for example, there is a need for a well-developed railway system and port for Saudi Arabia to become as competitive as other developed countries in Asia (Asia Trade Hub).Much of the misconception that Saudi Arabia is a country which uses its wealth from petroleum to harbor terrorists has been the reason why Saudi Arabia has not been able to really market its natural and industrial resources. Part of the limitation is because the people of Saudi Arabia do not have the skill to dismiss the figment due to poor education level and limited exposure to the transnational community. To ameliorate this condition, integration of international curriculum into the local curriculum would help Saudis enter into the world and debunk the myth that Saudis are terrorists. Schools alike(p) Dhahran Elementary Middle School and American International School have made great gain ground for an internationalized education system and can be used as the basis for developing education standards, spirit and curriculum (US Department of State ISG).Similarly, the perception that Saudi Arabia gets its wealth from natural oil reserves is plainly partly true. Economic indicators demonstrate that Saudi Arabia, along with other Gulf countries, have high pull in domestic product (gross domestic product) based on a non-oil estimation of 2002. Saudi Arabia, for example, has a real non-oil GDP growth rate of approximately 2 % while Qatar has one of the highest GDPs of 6.8 % among Sa udi Arabia, Kuwait,

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Annotated bibliography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 12

Annotated bibliography - Essay ExampleThe former unity(a) is completely opposed to this notion and instead states that all that a somebody does is a result of choice. The question therefore is normally asked as to whom between the cardinal is right. Whereas history does indeed play a role in ones behavior, does it mean that the person committing a crime or violence is not responsible? This essays purpose is to roll that humans exhaust free ordain and that for every action taken, no one is really compelled.Decision and exercise are two distinct things, which ought to be treated as such to avoid the confusion of determinism. Whereas, it could be true that ones decision or its magnitude may be somehow influenced by the past, the actions taken by a person is not devoid of their consciousness and approval. That is to say, history may shit a role in a decision but the person taking it is very overmuch aware of it and by no means are they doing it without knowledge. According to ( Cohen p.15), whenever one is taking a feature action there is full understanding and knowledge of its likely outcome and this therefore negates any claim of determinism.If every decision is taken based on the history then creativity and invention rescue nothing to be attributed to since they did not exist before. The proponents of determinism claim that a decision is greatly, if not fully, influenced by ones history. For instance, if a man witnessed violence while growing up, there would no way to soften them from engaging in the same. However, Howard, George, and Diane (p.67), who reported that other factors that could alter a person when they are growing up, have disputed the above assertions. It therefore means that even if one witnessed violence, it does not automatically mean they will follow suit. The creativity demonstrated by individuals is not in any way influenced by experiences one had while growing up. Instead, the mind tends to focus on making new things. Similarly, one who involves in

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Clinical Examination Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Clinical Examination - fibre Study ExampleHistory This is a 56-year-old male who works in a travel agency. He is a smoker for years, and he is still smoking about 10 cigarettes per sidereal day. In this presentation, he started tactual sensation breathless with his usual activity about a week back. He stays near his office, and normally he goes to work on foot. Previously he was able to walk to his office in a slower pace without much of discomfort however, for the last 1 week or so, he is put under covering this small distance without taking rest midway, and the distance for taking rest is decreasing day by day. Although with rest, the breathlessness seems to wane down, he is worried due to the fact that his feet are swollen, and this time the mark of swelling is much more than earlier ever. EHehHe has noted also that he is coughing a low with expulsion rusty sputum of small quantities. His sleep is disturbed since he can no semipermanent sleep on the bed with usual two pillo ws that he uses, and of late, he needs to use 4 pillows which makes him reclined on the bed. Over the top of that he can sense his heart is beating faster, and last shadow he had to wake up from whatever sleep he was having with sudden episodes of acute breathlessness unless after midnight. He is feeling fatigued, tired, and exhausted. His appetite is poor, he is having a bloated sensation in the abdomen, and heaviness in the upper part of his abdomen, more on the right hand side. From his previous visit, the doctor asked him to quit smoking, and he did not comply, and now he knows that like previous such episodes, he is going to have some other now, and so he decided to visit the clinic.He has past history of congestive heart mishap with ischaemic heart disease. He has no evident drug allergies or drug interactions. He is on diuretic and digitalis. He has associated hypertension. On interrogation, there is no suggestive history of weight loss or blood loss however, he has gaine d some weight.Clinical Examination On inspection, he was obviously with discomfort, and respiratory distress was obvious with nasal flaring, retraction of the suprasternal notch, mode footstep use of accessory muscles of respiration, and intercostal retraction. His vital mansion examination revealed him to be puffy, with pallor. There was no cyanosis, jaundice, but he had grade 2 clubbing and +4 pitting edema in both the ankles and pretibial regions. There was no cervical lymphadenopathy, thyroid was not palpable, mettle was puffy. On examination, he had harsh vesicular breath sounds throughout the lung fields, with features of laboured breathing at a rate of 22 per minute at rest. The lungs were otherwise clear except at the bases, there were elegant moist rales. There was no dullness to percussion in any lung area including the bases. His pulse rate was 92, blood pressure 100/92, peripheral pulses were equal volume on both the sides with carotids being palpably normal. The jug ular venous pressure was elevated in clinical examination with distention up to 12 cm from the suprasternal notch on a 45 degree recline on the examination couch. The top(prenominal) pulse was located in the seventh intercostal space 1.5 cm lateral to the left midclavicular line, and with come together inspection, the apical impulse was visible. There was obviously evidence of cardiomegaly, but it was difficult to discern whether there was any

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History of Cities and their Architecture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

History of Cities and their Architecture - Essay congressmanPhilip Johnson developed one of the chairs for his collection.Mies van der Rohe designed Barcelona Pavilion, which was developed from German Pavilion, during international exposition that was in Barcelona Spain. It was constructed with the object glass of demonstrating modern movement of architecture of the world (Curtis, 2008). The building was originally named a Germany pavilion, as it was the expression of Germany subsequently the First World War to indicate the culture of the country that is still rooted in the guiltless history. The pavilion was built with an aspire of hosting King Alphonso XIII of Spain and officials from Germany during the time of exposition (Curtis, 2008). As compared to other buildings at the exposition, Mies understood that work he did as just a building and he did not aim in housing art or any sculpture. The building was just designed to place quiet and escape from exposition, which was then to transform the pavilion into an inhabitable statue.By raising the pavilion on a plinth in conjunction with the narrow profile of the site, the Barcelona Pavilion has a low horizontal preference that is accentuated by the low flat roof that appears to float over both the interior as comfortably as the exterior. The furniture of the building also exhibits the duality of modernism and classicism. The now iconic Barcelona chair and Ottoman were designed specifically for the Barcelona Pavilion. The Barcelona building served as a reception place for the King and Queen of Spain. after(prenominal) the exhibition in which the pavilion intended was closed, the resembling of the pavilion was in 1930. As time went, the pavilion became a key point not only to Mies but also to other architectures that operated in the 20th century. In 1980, there was setting of project by Oriol Bohigas who was the head of planning department to ensure that there was

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Debussy and Impressionism Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Debussy and Impressionism - Research Paper ExampleThe paper Debussy and Impressionism explores Debussys art and his influence of impressionism straw man. Yet in a letter to his friend Arthur Hartmann he writes, I became lost in my impressions, dazed in my emotions. In denying the influence of impressionism on his work Debussy may have been reacting to early negative critical reviews of the impressionist movement in general. Today, perhaps, he might have been pleased to be included. Using two works, Monets Impression, new and Debussys Printemps, this essay explores the relationship between the two and offers evidence to support the notion that Debussy, despite protestations to the contrary, was thus an impressionist. The Impressionism period covers approximately two decades from the late 1860s through the 1880s. The movement, originating in France in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, developed in response to the French Academy of Fine Arts and its narrow, overbearing and restrictive rules as to what did or did not constitute art. A group of painters who became known as the Impressionists not a compliment in those days felt strongly about securing independence from these restrictive standards and the dictates of its annual official art exhibition, The Salon. The term impressionist was first used by French art critic Louis Leroy in 1874 in response to Monets icon Impression, that will play an intrinsic role in the comparisons between Debussy as an impressionist and the artistic impressionists of the time.

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Business In Global Markets Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Business In Global Markets - end point Paper ExampleHowever, some other aspects that proceed globalization atomic number 18 not easily controlled. It takes a lot of time and resources to change certain aspects that affect globalization. One of these aspects that have been affecting globalization is husbandry. The agriculture of a place is not easily changed as close of the societies in these areas savor their culture. In most cases, the behaviors of a purchase order are connected to their culture. Therefore, it is not an easy task to separate behavior of race from their culture as the two are cemented together. principal(a) Components of Culture. Culture comprises of various primary and secondary components. Primary components are vital in a federation as they have a direct shock absorber on the society. Most of the primary components of culture are given priority as they have an trespass on the whole familiarity and society. The first primary component of culture is lan guage. The language in a cultural society is the way the hoi polloi in the society communicate to each other. Some of the mickle use verbal way of talking while others use signs. It is explained that language is a way of communicating to other members of the society and an important aspect in interaction. Therefore, globalization and spread of business will calculate on the acceptance in communication with the society through language. The second primary aspect is the beliefs of the society (Meyer 17). Some societies have strong beliefs about various products that are sold in the market. Therefore, this is likely to affect the issue of globalization and spread of businesses in such an area. For example some areas have beliefs that people are strictly vegetarians. In such places, consumption of animal amount of money is prohibited. Therefore, a business that specializes in meat production is not likely to sprout in such an area. The third primary element of culture is the norms i n the culture. Norms are stipulated in a community to help in orderliness in the society and culture. The culture upholds the need for orderliness, discipline and stability in the society. Without this, the society will not be cool ads many people will not be in peace. Similarly, the norms of a culture explain the neighborly control that is instilled to the members of the society. This ensures the members of the society are having social control and peaceful coexistence. This could affect globalization in a number of ways. For example, when there is no social control, the environment will not be conducive to business. As such, businesses will have the fear of selling products in the market. The fourth primary aspect is values of the culture. A value is a strong aspect in a cultural society and has effect on the decisions that are made by the people. Apparently, the values of a society explain anything that people have unanimously accepted to aspire to hold it in high esteem. There fore, when a community values discipline, all the members of the community have to be disciplined. Without such, the society is likely to punish the people that deviate from discipline. This is one of the aspects that affect globalization and business orientation in the community. The last primary component of culture is the roles and statuses of the people in the society. some societies have various roles that should be performed by various groups. These roles are strictly observed by these communities and people have to respect such an arrangement. Deviating from such an arrangement is considered unacceptable and can be met with stringent

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Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 94

Case Study ExampleReason being they possess the following advantages they wee-wee unlimited access to information agents on the ground and direct contacts with factories. However, the sad thing is that importers have to meet the high costs of permits, shipments and inventory taking before selling. As a merchant/retailer, he go out be able to get supplies from the local companies, check them and even improve the tone of voice of the products. Thereafter, she would sell them at higher prices both locally and internationally. However, the disadvantage associated with this is that there will be minimal control of exports more companies will join the market this will lead to enhanced policies and restrictions thus reducing profit margins.(The Chinese Fireworks Industry-Revised page215 )2. The suitable point for jerry to enter into the industry is like a merchant. Because the Chinese products are of inferior quality compared to those from Japan and Korea, as a merchant he will obtain supplies from various local factories. Subsequently, brand them and improve on their quality (The Chinese Fireworks Industry-Revised pg 219). He could then setup wholesale booths in the countryside. Thereafter, peddlers and opposite small-scale dealers would source the commodities from the market and sell in the surrounding communities. Consequently, he would avoid the low-profit margins as a manufacturer and brand identity loss. Given the reasonably good quality of Chinese product and cheapness, branding and better quality fuse replacement of the same products would render them at higher sale prices (The Chinese Fireworks Industry-Revised pg

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National Express rejects takeover bid from First Group (Financial Research Proposal

National Express rejects coup detat bid from First Group (Financial Times, 29 June 2009) - Research Proposal Example1.2 billion pounds to banks (Gill, 2009, p 1). The get together ground governing body has in addition complicated National Express fiscal woes by the government refusal to renegociate the conditions for its East Coast rail franchise with the transport business. The hard-line position adopted by the government is attributed to East Coast rail franchise being the most lucrative in the unify Kingdom serving the United Kingdom commercial hubs such as Edinburg and London. Besides, citing the government billet in its fiscal crisis, National Express board also cited its quest to solve the ?1.2 billion debt as its first antecedence before reconsidering the bailout from FirstGroup limited. In, addition, National Express board viewed FirstGroup as their rival in the transport business and so postulated a sellout of the company to FirstGroup as surrender to a business enem y. National Express boards were thus raring(predicate) to retain the legacy of their companys in the transport industry (Miller, 2011, p 85). Despite, the rejection of FirstGroup offer, eruditeness and encyclopaedism provide the best bailout opportunity and option to speech National Express from the current monetary hardships. This research thus draws on the case sturdy of National Express and FirstGroup to rationalize on the best declaration to solve a corporate boldness financial solution. This involves an analogy acquisition and acquisition as a financial solution with other financial crisis solution mechanisms recommended in fiance and accounting. The research establishes higher financial crisis solution rationality from acquisition and acquisition formulated financial solution compared to other possible and pronto available financial and accounting options. Literature Review An acquisition mimics government bailout to corporations during financial crisis. The similarity in the midst of acquisitions and acquisition is evident in the supply of a large amount of money to the corporation under financial crisis, which is subsequently used to pay its bankruptcy threatening debts. These facts are manifest in the proposed acquisition between National Express and FirstGroup, whereby Nation Express was offered a large sum of money by FirstGroup to pay its 1.2 billion debts. The ?1.2 billion proposed buyout of National Express is comparative to the governments financial bailout to financial corporation during the 2007-2008 global financial crises (Milmo, 2009, p 1). In United States, the government acquisition styled bailout totaled $13.9 one million million leading the government bailout to be considered as more of an acquisition buyout of the financial stricken institutions than a rescue bailout package (Birdsall & Fukuyama, 2011, p 31). Acquisitions and acquisition of financial stricken corporations is also licked to the nationalization of finically po or playacting or financially endangered businesses by the government (Finkelstein & Cooper, 2010, p 116). The same financial crisis incident illustrates the role of nationalization which mimics acquisition and acquisitions in the rescue of financial institutions from bankruptcy during economic downturns. A typical representative of this financial rescue strategy is illustrated by the nationalization of the Northern Rock Bank in the United Kingdom at the verge of its bankruptcy during the financial crises. The Northern Rock Bank case also illustrates the irrationality of the hard-line position by a corporation board or the corporate organization stakeholders,

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Public Relations Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Public Relations Strategy - Essay ExampleHowever, in order to formulate a successful strategy, it is critical that a proper strategic management demonstrate is followed. This process is a step by step process which involves different stages through which organizational strategy has to pass through in order to be effective. Such process involves a detailed situational depth psychology i.e. the process of taking into account the external as well as internal factors before flesh and formulating an strategy. The situational analysis also allows an organization to set its strategic objectives and bases on such objectives strategies are designed to obtain such strategic objectives. Further, organizations also need to choose the tactics and then subsequently communicating the corresponding to the stakeholders so that the same can easily disseminated to all the relevant stakeholders.Public Relations is the profitable desegregation of organizations new and continuing relationships with the stakeholders including customers by managing all communications contacts with the organization that create and protect the brand and character of the organization(Cawood,1997)British Petroleum or BP is one of the oldest companies in this line of business having more than degree Celsius years of experience. Listed on London Stock Exchange, BP was formed during 1909 as Anglo-Persian Oil Company and has successfully alter itself into one of the highly successful firms in the world. BP claims to be one of the largest might companies in the world providing cost-effective fuel for transportation, energy for heating as well as light and offering other retail petrochemical products for use in everyday life.BP has the presence in over 100 countries with more than 90,000 employees working for it in different countries drilling more than 3 million barrels of oil per day. Such huge aim of operations is only possible due to the successful management of the firm in strategic bearing th rough diversification of its brands which cater to the needs of the different segments of the market.It is also critical to note that British giving medication has remained one of the shareholders of the firm during 1950s however the stakes of UK government were subsequently sold during 1970s in order to give the firm more freedom and creativity to flourish as the third largest energy company in the world. BP is technically engaged into the exploration and production of petroleum and petroleum related products, better them and subsequently marketing them. Apart from this, the firm is also involved into the production of different chemicals such as engine oils etc.Some Statistics about BP1As of December 2007, 1. BP had the market capitalization of over GBP 230 Billion. 2. gross sales and operating revenue of approximately GBP 284 Billion. 3. Number of total shareholders is in excess of 1 million.4. Its proven militia of the gas and oil were approximately over 17 billion barrels o ut of which 57% of the reserves are oil whereas rest comprises of the raw(a) gas.5. It produces 2.4 million barrels of oil and 8.1 billion cubic feet of natural gas from its various sites operated at multiple locations across the world.6.

RFP Requirements Interview Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

RFP Requirements Interview Plan - judge ExampleScope management lead then be done through a each week review of work plan.For this Company to appropriately establish this, it will beget to establish the weakening argonas that have driven for a redesign consideration impact of not going through the redesigned project unlooked-for success of the new project beneficiaries of this improvement implementation any additional information that needs to be included in the strategy if any and to finally establish why all the above are necessary.Gadget Inc is a profit making company that needs to establish their efficiency requirements and that of their customers. This company will settle for requirements driven strategy as all their measures are geared towards making enormous turnovers and full-blooded their clients too. Above and beyond, they need to compete fairly with their competitors in the available markets. This strategy focuses on identifying business requirements by the piece fr om companys and technological limitations.Customers in the market are firm to get products worth their cede in exchange. Therefore, Gadget Inc products have to be durable, in better sizes or quantities, of varying prices for all sparing classes of people (low and high classes), and better than for other competitors.In requirements-driven court, the strategy is to gather enough information or data which will enable the project team to come up with a competent scheme for business solution modeling. The customer needs to have a feeling of being listened to and engaged in determining end product.Stakeholders are always part of the design and production team. Their involvement inputs production costs, managerial costs and decision making. Additionally, they gather requirements from varied perspectives (as shown in the diagram above) as settles for result driven approach to ensure that the business output meets the desired product.A requirement interview will be determined

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Management and change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Management and change - Essay ExampleSince other workers are function of the organisation, their views are also important in the change do by (Marglin, 1974). However, the management may decide to wont an flak that does not involve other workers in the decision-making process. Consequently, other workers may feel short-changed, and this affects negatively on employee involvement. In essence, the approach that the change mover uses in implementing new ideas in an organisation also has an involve on the overall performance. Most organisations tend to fail in terms of implementing new changes due to applying an unpopular approach. On the other hand, an ideal approach for implementing changes in an organisation should consider all issues that are clever to an organisation (Marglin, 1974). In this regard, a rational or technical approach is ideal for situations where the decision-making process involves amity of different alternatives. A rational approach entails a systematic proc ess where the management in summing up to relying on their skills and experience, considers various issues prior to implementing organisational change (Marglin, 1974). This paper explores the strengths and limitations of a rational-technical approach towards managing change.In a rational-technical approach to managing change in an organisation, the change agent considers a number of factors that can influence the change process (Knights & McCabe, 2003). Such factors include skills and experience of the manager or leader, the demands by followers and the prevailing situation in an organisation. With regard to skills and experience of a manager or a leader, a rational-technical approach requires the change agent to have knowledge of how an organisation operates. For instance, the manager needs to understand the environment that the organisation operates, vision and goals of the organisation, systems in the organisation, the change plan and

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Marketing communications tools Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Marketing communications tools - Essay ExampleNotably, it base be ascertained that in the past few years digital technology and the expansion of targeting capabilities has shifted from the traditional merchandising tools to digital merchandise tools. Due to the continuous revolution in the field of marketing communication tools particularly the internet, it has be rear that twain small governings as well as big organizations are widely inclined towards utilize modern digital marketing tools over the conventional tools. Traditional marketing tools involving print media (such as magazines, newspapers and newsletters) electronic media (such as broadcasting through television and radios) and direct marketing among others can be ascertained to be barely used by the contemporary communication channel organizations. Nonetheless, both the traditional and digital marketing tools pull in some advantages and disadvantages. Hence, it would be wise to use the combine form of traditional and digital marketing tools in order to achieve the best outcome. ... Significance of Traditional Forms of Marketing Communications in the Contemporary Organizations It can be affirmed that digital marketing tools particularly internet has attracted the contemporary marketers to a great extent. However, rotund reliability on modern marketing tools does not mean that traditional marketing is disappearing. In this regard, it has been ascertained from a survey report that approximately USD $ 295billion was spent on television advertisement in the US during 2007. A huge investment on traditional marketing tool in this cotemporary world signifies wide majority of traditional media. At the same time, newspaper and magazines can also be ascertained to be effective marketing communication tools despite of its reducing importance amid the contemporary marketers. It is important to note that despite of inclination towards the new media few renowned companies like Procter and Gamble spent U SD $3.5 billion on advert purpose in 2006 with the use of TV, print and other old media (Winer, 2008). Every business has different marketing requirements. It is not possible to state which marketing tool is best for the particular business. In the contemporary business environment an organization should not rely on one type of marketing, rather integrating both the traditional and digital marketing tools would be more feasible for the organization to attain the desire marketing communication goals. It can be firmly stated that integrating the two approaches will support the organization to achieve its broad marketing communication objectives. It can be stated that integration of traditional and digital marketing tools facilitate the organizations to develop the most appropriate

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The movie the eternal jew Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The motion-picture show the eternal jew - Essay ExampleThe Jews of Poland are said to be aliens, living in a opposed land, yet having managed to control the peck in the social, political and economic dimensions (Haggith 2005). These Jews people have effective managed to develop the industries of commerce and the lager banking sector in Poland, yet they are still living like animals. They do not show any proper plan of managing their lives in a manner that is pleasing, something that makes the natives wonder their direction of life and actual mission in their foreign land.In as much as these people can sometimes be unquestionably vicious, many can acknowledge that by far, in commendation to the standards of the contemporary world, it is actually transparent and crude in all angles. The director of the movie efficaciously illustrates the ratlike behavior and actions of the Jews of Poland, while at the same time, he openly shows that footage of actual rats squirming and moving fr om sewers and dirt to the nominal head of the camera. This is make intentionally in order to make a comparison of the actions of these Jews, and link it directly to the lives of the rats, which is not any different from these people.In the movie, many things are happening that makes the natives to wonder the motives that the Jews of Poland seem to be direct under. One of the scenes that is most shocking involves the slaughtering of a cow, which is illustrated in a very bloody and horrific detail. This is done by one of the Rabbis, who is seen grinning (Schwartz 2012). This event if subsequently succeeded by among many things three innocent lands, presumably of German origin nuzzling each other.These scenes are not the only ones that indicate the perverse nature of the Jews people. some scenes still exist, indicating the actual propagandists apart from the Jews. In essence, the Movie is about a people that cannot be effectively understood as to why they seem to live dilapidated l ives yet they

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Dynamics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

dynamics - Assignment ExampleCalculate the plain and vertical components of the mass. If the shaft rotating at 200RPM, determine the force excreted on the shaft.Ashaft rotating at 500RPM carries masses of A = 3kg, B = 4kg and C = 2kg at distances of 0.9m, 0.7m, and 1.7m from the shaft respectively. The angles of A, B, and C respect to horizontal are 40o, 130o, and 290o respectively.In an Epicyclic lurchbox, the Annulus gear A is fixed and the input shaft is connected to the Sun gear S which rotates at 1800RPM. The Sun gear has 60 teeth and there are three planet gears P. The gear ratio between the Sun gear and Planet gear is 21.The input power is 45kW and the efficiency is 85%. Sketch a simple arrangement and getPass All questions in voice A (including all parts) must(prenominal) be attempted and answered. The discernment criteria and the learning outcomes for Pass grade must be met and fundamental understanding must be present on this assignment.Merit All questions in pric k A (including all parts) and question B7 in section B must be answered with reasonable accuracy and with no major errors. A neat monstrance and good communication of assignment is essential. The assessment criteria for Pass and Merit grade must be met and noesis and understanding must be demonstrated on this assignment.Distinction All questionsin section A and section B (B7 & B8) must be answered fully correct with no errors. All the criteria for Pass, Merit and Distinction must be met. A neat presentation of assignment including any references/ bibliography is essential. All the answers in section B must be synthesised and clearly justified. All the SI units must be clearlyshown in front of calculations, screening full understanding on this

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Pharmacogenetics in Cancer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Pharmaco patrimonials in Cancer - essay ExampleVarious problems know been realized during the cancer therapy using the conventional chemotherapy. This is because to attain reasonable ability, a considerable degree of toxicity is needed and hence severe side- do. Most oncologists are faced with the study challenge of the variability of the treatment responses as well as narrow therapeutic index for the antitumour drugs. Therefore, there is no doubt that the developments in molecular biology and molecular genetics, and of the associated methods have had considerable effects on the comprehension of drug action. Therefore, drawing on a variety of sources the paper will reason pharmacogenetics in cancer.Cancer is a very unusual disease because it emanates from the accumulation of several gene mutations inwardly the cell, thus disrupting normal cellular function as well as normal checks. Therefore, cancer cells have definite genetic profiles. As result, pharmacogenetics is helpful a s a cancer therapeutic since is focuses on the genetic profiles and a persons interaction with the drug. Pharmacogenetics can be described as the interaction amongst the drug and individual traits, and is very helpful in cancer therapeutics. Therefore, it is based on the clinical efficacy observations as well as tolerability profile of a drug in a person (Licinio and Wong 129). The about common challenge in cancer treatment is the related to the anticancer drugs. The pharmacogenetics can assist in the discovery, development, and individualization of the anticancer drugs.

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Into the World Essay Example for Free

Into the World EssayIndividuals venturing into unsanded experiences whitethorn get obstacles, simply may also experience personal growth. Into the World is can be defined as aspects of growing up and transitions into new phases of an individuals life. It can mean transitioning natur bothy, or change cosmos thrust upon a person. In either case, any individual venturing into new experiences will encounter obstacles, but they will also experience personal growth. This is evident in the prescribed text, The write up of turkey cock Brennan by JC Burke, as well as my chosen text, I Was Only 19 by Redgum. The concept of new experiences may not always start off positively. For archetype, in Burkes novel, the protagonist, turkey cock Brennan, champion fatal accident forced him and his family to flee their hometown of Mumbilli, forcing every character to undergo a catharsis. This ca intentions Tom to compose very withdrawn and introverted as he grows bitter and resentful of the whole situation and tardily getting pushed back into that big, black hole. He becomes very depressed, antisocial and isolated as he attempts to deal with the situation that his brother, Daniel, has caused.The author conveys the protagonists thoughts, tintings, attitudes and beliefs through a variety of techniques. The audience is informed of Toms growing guilt through the technique of first person writing. Like I said, that was a low point. (p124) The convincing, idiomatic, subjective voice of the teenage narrator creates a confidential relationship with the readers, as well as keeping them engaged. It also gives us insight into Toms inner al virtu all(prenominal)y thoughts. As Tom plunges into in filter out feelings of guilt and animosity, he becomes numb to the struggles the other members of his family are facing.One of the most exitive and engaging techniques used by the author to capture the readers attention, is the use of flashbacks. The Story of Tom Brennan is a nonline ar narrative, and this is first evident in the prologue, which has a reflective tone, when it changes from past tense to present tense. so as not to remind them of their pain and what our family now meant to this town. My name is Tom Brennan, and this is my story. However, these flashbacks contain after chapter 9, which is when Tom finally begins to accept the situation.As Tom and his family are forced to make a shameful and hasty departure from their once-loved, parochial hometown, they flee to Toms Grans house in Coghill. Tom hates living in his Grans house, and his subjectiveness creates a bias and negative image of her, as he promptly denigrates her efforts, particularly her culinary disasters, claiming that her food looked akin a charred slab of cows shit. He cant under fend why she copes with the situation is a stoic manner and she becomes somewhat like a punching bag for Tom, as he releases all his anger on her.Their relationship is strained, hostile and lacks common to lerance and respect as he refers to her as The Grandmother. As Tom re-establishes a connection with The Grandmother, he learns empathy, and this is evident in chapter 12 when Tom first realises that she cares for him more than he realises Do you think I couldnt see you fading away those first few weeks? Their developing relationship is then modify as Tom decides to build her a chook pen. Rugby is the lynchpin that holds the novel together. Tom is placed as half-back on the St Bennies team that couldnt catch a cold.The team provides him with a solid ground to stand on and his teammates give him new relationships and ties to Coghill. Football symbolises the prestige of the legend of the Brennan brothers, and Tom unknowingly uses football as a measure of what he had and what hed lost, of what he can and cant do. When Tom goes on the St. Bennies footy camp, he learns humility. After Tom speaks with his dad at camp, he realises that winning had been everything at St stools, but now I was confused, because I think Dad was trying to tell me that it wasnt enough. He then uses his skills to teach and lead St Bennies.Toms uncle, Brendan, has a therapeutic effect on Tom, and as he starts meltning with him in the mornings, he grows and matures as he tries to get fit enough to turn to Nepal, and this is evident in Brendans statement He was lucky to have you there, Tom. Even if he doesnt remember it. At first, Tom is hesitant to start running, contemplating whether a piss off was in order. They run up the hill near Carmels property, The Ascent, which she reckoned it lead all the way to heaven, and this becomes symbolic of Toms struggle and his journey.The Ascent is an obstacle Tom must face, with the help of Brendan, in order to grow and pinnacle as he accepts the situation. Another factor that helps Tom heal is his friendship-turned-relationship with Chrissie, who also has a therapeutic effect on him. Chrissie is Toms confidante I started talking. Thats what she did to me, as she acts as a panacea to his pain, which he describes as feeling bad all the time. The concept of individuals venturing into new experiences is also explored in my chosen text, I Was Only 19 by Redgum.I as only 19 presents the protest against conscription during the Vietnam War. It displays all the difficult experiences of a young man as well as his perspective to wards the Vietnam War and the damage of his friend due to the war. The poem portrays war as a living hell and tells the audience the unseen, brute(a) ways of battle. It reflects on the horror and traumatising warfare that the young men had to go through. I was only nineteen is repeated in a sad, dull context as the lyrics are mostly describing the downside of the whole war concept.Through the themes, use of emotive language and vivid description, this repetition can easily be set as setting a depressing and sympathetic tone. The use of rhetorical questions place emphasis on how the poet feels this exper ience has effected him And why the Channel Seven chopper chills me to my feet? And whats this rash that comes and goes, can you tell me what it content? And can you tell me doctor, why I still cant get to sleep? gives an example of repletion which has been used to emphasise the fact that the young men that have been taken to war and all the horrific experiences theyve been through.The rhyming of the words of each line have been included to give a feel towards the song/poem and give a link towards each line and that there is a connection between the two lines And theres me in my slouch hat with my SLR and greens. God help me, I was only nineteen. The use of other poetic techniques, such as metaphors, are also used to emphasise the obstacles faced by young soldiers in warfare- Was a war within yourself/ It was a long march from cadets/ And night measure just a jungle dark and a barking M16.Another metaphor evident is But you wouldnt let your mates down til they had you dusted of f. This is used to represent the camaraderie and friendship instilled in the soldiers. In conclusion, individuals venturing into new experiences may encounter obstacles, but may also experience personal growth. In The Story of Tom Brennan, as well as I was only nineteen by Redgum, the concept of personal growth is explored. twain the soldier in I was only nineteen, as well as the Brennans, face multiple obstacles whilst tell their story.

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Plato Allegory of the Cave Essay Example for Free

Plato fable of the spelunk EssayThe Allegory of the Cave is one of Greek philosopher Platos most well go to bedn works. It is an extended allegory, where humans ar visualized as being imprisoned by their bodies and what they perceive by sight only. In the allegory of the spelunk Plato wanted to show how true equityfulness is not always what it seems. A group of prisoners were chained up in a weaken since there childhood, each prisoner was chained to each other by their heads.The prisoners were forced to face a blank wall while they were in the cave. Behind the prisoners there was a ack-ack however the prisoners could not see the fire nevertheless between the prisoners and the fire there would a be puppet show where tribe would walk, talk and carry objects to keep the prisoners amused.The prisoners perceive only shadows of the people and things passing on the walkway the prisoners hear echoes of the talk coming from the shadows. They perceive the shadows and echoes a s reality. Whilst in the cave one prisoner is bent grass free. He stands up and turns around and is forced to count on at the fire, later on the pain in his eyes from the fire he struggles to see anything. The prisoner is dragged come out of the cave and into the being above. At prime(prenominal), the prisoner is so dazzled by the light that he can only look at shadows, then at reflections, then finally at the real objects like trees, flowers and houses. He sees that these ar even more real than the shadows were, and that those were only copies of reality.The prisoner has now reached the cognitive stage of thought. He has caught his first glimpse of the most real thing, which is the Forms. In the film The Matrix, the humans trapped in the Matrix be like the people in the cave. They see only what the machines want them to see, but they believe they see reality as it really is. They accept what their senses tell them all that exists. modern suspects that this is all a lie, b ut hes not sure how the Matrix works. Morpheus, who runs the resistance to the Matrix, brings Neo into the Resistance, believing that Neo is the person who has been foreseen by the Oracle to be able to defeat the MatrixIn The Allegory of the Cave the people creating the shadows gift the powerful people in society. In The Matrix the puppet-handlers are the machines controlled by Artificial Intelligence. The puppet-handlers use interpolate surroundings as a way to manipulate the information that the prisoners receive. While the prisoners are being fooled and influenced by the fake reality, the puppet-handlers are too because they are alike living inside the artificial world they pay created as well.Neo lives in world which is controlled by the ground substance agents just like Platos prisoner lives in a world (cave) controlled by the form holders. They both manage to escape from the world as they know it and come to know the world as it really is. Neo, with some help from Morpheu s, comes to realize that the life he as been leading so far is nothing but the life of a slave, shaped nether the control of the Matrix, protected by the agents.Platos prisoner comes to realize first that the shadows he is looking at are not the truth, they are just shadows cast on the wall by the form holders. He sees the fire and as he follows the path which leads him outside of the cave, he sees the sun and everything else illuminated by it. The characters, simultaneously intimacy shock and then a observeing of fear when they first perceive what is real. Neo is able to see how humans are grown, hooked on wires, an element which symbolizes control just like the chains which tie down the prisoners in Platos cave. In the movie as Morpheus and the group decided to leave the matrix they get attacked by the agents, the agents in the movie are just like the government in the allegory.Morpheus decided to flight against the agents willing the rest of the group including Neo decided to get out of the matrix but what they dont know is that they were set up by one of there own Cypher. Cypher hates knowing the truth he wants to go back to his normal comfortable life in the matrix he doesnt want to be fiber of the experience anymore, so he defecates a deal with the agents to get his normal life back he tricks Morpheus. The agents and the government are the same they are like the puppets in the allegory fooling the society to make them believe what they want me to believe not allowing them to see what is the truth. Unlike Platos prisoner, who managed to find his way out of the cave without any help from others, Neo is helped out by Morpheus.Neo is then faced with a moment of choice would he take the blue pill and stay in the world of the matrix which is the world of the senses or take the red pill, and come to know reality as it objectively exists. He chooses the red pill therefore giving himself the opportunity to experience the world of the judicial decision, the real world and finds it as mind-blowing as Platos prisoner finds the enlighten world outside of the cave. The Mirror right later Neo took the red pill and the distorted spoon illusion before Neo went to the Oracle are simply products of the mind. It is in Platos Allegory of the cave where this illusion is happening. It is the mind that makes the spoon and the mirror distorted. It is the mind that makes the spoon inexistent, which is considered to be the truth. This spoon is the copy of the spoon of perfection in the world of forms. The spoon does not move by itself but Neo makes it move.In the Allegory Plato says that the freed prisoner would be confused at what he saw. When Neo is finally confronted with the real world, he is in a state of uncertainty. The realization of the truth is so overwhelming that he throws up and passes out. In The Allegory of the Cave, the Freed prisoner might even feel that what he was seeing now was the illusion and the shadows on the wall were actuall y more real.The freed prisoners first reply would be to turn around and return to the false reality because it is less painful and more acquainted(predicate) to him. According to Plato, the freed prisoner must have started to question what he saw in front of him and wondered more or less where the shadows came from. He must have sensed that something was wrong and he wanted to know the truth. This theme is also found in the movie, Neo is very much like the freed prisoner. As Morpheus tells Neo, Youre here because you know something. Morpheus realizes that Neo has a place in society and is there because of what he knows.For Neo to realise this Morpheus says free your mind, let go of doubt. In conclusion, Platos story of the cave brings up many philosophical points and, most importantly, it addresses the sleep together of societys role in our lives. Trinity tells Neo The Matrix can not tell you who you are. It seems that the differences between The Allegory of the Cave and The Mat rix do not prevent them from telling a similar story round the unreliability of the senses. We find Neo, at the end of the film, doing more than simply bending the laws of physics with the Matrix. It seems like he has stepped almost entirely out of that very world. He does not, however, appear in two places at once, but his destruction of one of the agents, and his ability to fly, says that the laws of physics are bent.

Moisturize your Face with Steam Essay Example for Free

Moisturize your caseful with locomote EssaySteaming is one of the most effective modes of removing pimples. To apply this method, b inunct water in a container for a couple of minutes. After that, place the container containing boiled water beneath your vista. Allow the steam to fracture your face for a couple of minutes. Afterwards clean your face with lukewarm water. Boiling water helps despatch debris and oil from your face without increasing the pimples. Alternately, you coffin nail accustom an oil free lotion to wash your face and remove pimples. Apply Tooth ranch on your PimplesThis is the most common cure for pimples. Of course, you may brush your teething onwards sleeping every night, but this time, apply as well asthpaste on your face Ideally, wake up in one case or twice in the night to ensure that the paste still covers the spot. You foundation apply the paste again if that is not the case doing so leave clear up your face in the morning. However, use too thpaste however and never apply gel on your pimples.Apply Lavender Oil on the AcneThis is a less common remedy for pimple growth but it is known for bringing results, especially on teenagers. Apply lavender oil on your pimples several times and to begin with deprivation to sleep. This oil helps to wry up the spots to a immense degree.Use Lemon JuiceAnother effective method of curing acne is applying lemon juice. When you rub lemon juice on your pimples, it has a quick effect. Use it earlier going to sleep to see great results in the morning.9 ways to clog a breakout and dismay clear skin1. Do the One-Minute RuleUsing a face wash trussed with salicylic acid (from one to two percent depending on how bad, and how often, you break out) is a surefire way to stop pimples from forming. Its uncomplicated Instead of spot treating after one pops up, youre keeping every single pore clear from the trip up go. Suds up in the morning and night, and whence wait one full minute before rinsing so the gentle exfoliator can work its pore-clearing magic.2. Wipe Away OilIf your T-zone typically resembles an oil slick 24/7-or youve worked up a sweat crossing off your to do list- adoptt wait until you get home to degrease. When excess sebum (aka oil) seeps into your pores, pimple-promoting bacteria will quickly follow. Use a pre-moistened salicylic acid-soaked cleansing cloth outright on oil-prone zones (i.e. your forehead, nose, chin) to help keep skin clean and prevent future breakouts.3. Dont Forget to Hydrate comely because acne-prone skin has plenty of oil to go around, doesnt mean its water content, which is crucial for healthy skin, is up to par. Plus, overexploitation of oil-fighting products can leave skin parched-and wanting to compensate with more oil (eek). Look for a lightweight, oil-free face cream that gives just the right amount of hydration, but wont contribute to your acne issue. What you want A normal that contains hydrators that mimic those in sk in naturally, like ceramides, humectants, and squalene. If your skin is super prone to acne, opt for an even transport gel, not cream, texture.4. Turn up the TLCSometimes even if your skin is having a good (aka clear) day, you can still see some redness. Thats because acne is essentially inflammation, so some irritation all the time or post-pimple is common. Soothe sensitive skin overnight with calming botanicals such as chamomile, licorice, or aloe vera extract.5. Exfoliate on the RegularOnce or twice a week, take your skin smoothing up a bye and use a product that contains salicylic acid (or look for willow bark extract, its all natural counterpart) on with gentle fruit enzymes. This powerful pore-perfecting combo will help rev cell turnover and prevent stagnant skin cells, debris, and bacteria from building up in pores.6. Start Using RetinolThe bullion standard of anti-aging also has an amazing anti-pimple track record. Apply a thin coat of a retinol-based give-and-take all over skin (if youve never used it before, you may need to work up to periodic start off with three days a week to see how skin holds up to its potentially irritating effect). This vitamin-A derivative amps up cell turnover like no other so that pores get hold of no choice but to stay clear.7. Go Hands FreeAs in Stop. Touching. Your. Face. mark and hormones gone haywire atomic number 18 common culprits of a breakout-prone complexion but ar not the only instigators. Piling on dirt all day long, like from constant contact with your iPhone or fingers, can create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Wipe downcast your cell phone once a day with an alcohol wipe or squirt some hand sanitizer on a thread and rub it on the surface. And as you conversation on your device, try not to press it firmly into your skin-it will only push makeup and dirt further into pores, causing you more pimple problems.8. Feed Your FaceDiet has a huge impact on skin and skin health (including acne) Up to 80 percent of your skin is affected by what you eat and drink. Fill your plate with a healthy, well-balanced food to keep skin in the clear. Focus on eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables that argon rich in vitamin A (grapefruit, mango, broccoli, and kale) to help normalize the production of dead skin cells, a describe factor in acne breakouts. And add in crackpots, salmon, and walnuts, which contain healthy oils that keep your complexion well ply and help prevent pimples.9. Chill OutBecause the more you stress over a zit the bigger its going to get. When the stress hormone cortisol spikes, so does oil production-one of the main causes of adult acne (along with hyperactive lifestyles, alcohol, poor diet, and too much cumulative sun exposure). Instead, spot treat the bad boy with bacteria-fighting benzoyl peroxide.Natural Ingredients to Get relinquish Of Acne Scars FastAcne does not only scar the skin but also the mind and emotions of an individual. Walking down the road with a red swollen face filled with pus is a very upset and painful both literally and figuratively. There are people who cant help themselves talk about the other person who has a scarred face as a result of widespread acne. These reasons make people with acne find the quickest way to get rid of acne scars. They want to start a normal life without pain. They want to regain their confidence and self-esteem. There are the natural ingredients present in your kitchen. However, if you feel like the type of acne scars that you have are alarming, it is still best to consult a specialiser about it.Here are some of the natural ingredients that can be very beneficial to quickly get rid of acne scars. Egg whites are rich in protein. Protein is very helpful in repairing ripped muscles and skin. These egg whites, about three pieces must be beaten into a fluffy and foamy texture. It must then be smothered on the face and act as a face mask. After a few minutes, this egg white mask must b e rinsed with warm water. This method can be through 2-3 times in a week. Aloe Vera juice can also be a great natural remedy. We can see a lot of skin care products that contain Aloe Vera in its ingredients. Aloe Vera is an repellent system booster. It also regenerates damaged skin tissues.Another natural ingredient that is commonly found in skin care products is lemon juice. Lemon contains AHA. AHA can thicken the skin and enables it to produce collagen. As this occurs, mend of the scarred skin is also sped up. Lemon juice has acidic elements. This acid helps in drying the acne quickly before it gets worse.A pinch of baking soda mixed with water can also remove the dead skin without hurting the skin. This mixture must be massaged gently on the skin. It can stay on the skin for a few minutes, then, it must be rinsed.Ginger is a natural antibacterial. A virgule of it can be smeared on the infected area. After a few minutes, the face needs to be rinsed. This could be more painful th an the other ingredients above mentioned because of ginger is a little bit spicy. These are just some of the many natural ingredients that can help you to quickly get rid of acne scars as they dry, peel and heal the scars.These methods will not be of great help if they will be done on a dirty face. After a long day of being exposed to pollution, our pores are clogged with dirt. The face must be very clean before any ingredient is located on it or it will result to further damages and infection on the skin. So, for people who dont know how to get rid of acne scars fast, these are some useful tips. Also, keeping the body hydrous is very important. Drinking the right amount of water is very useful in draining toxins that are present in the body because of the food that we eat.

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Extended families are making a comeback in many countries around the world Essay Example for Free

Extended families are making a comeback in more countries around the initiation EssayFamily is peerless of the most valu competent and irreplaceable things that one is blessed with in a lifetime. A family is the foundation to everyones life. The outcome of your life is dependent on your family. Morals and set are obtained from your family circle. There are many types of family that exists in todays society, each important to the elevation of children. The most common type of families found in Maldives are extended family and nuclear family. Nuclear family is a family unit consisting of a mother and father and their children. Extended family is a family group that consists of grandparents, parents, children, blood relations and their immediate family, uncles and aunts liveness(a) in concert in the same house. According to Population and lodgement Census, 2006 (2007), roughly 80 percent of Maldivian househ dodderings consists of a champion nuclear family composed of a mar ried couple and their children rather than an extended family. Nevertheless, Male metropolis, the capital of Maldives is palmy with more extended families support in the households.In fact, this offendment is due to pile migrating to Male for split health facilities, quality education, job opportunities and many more luxurious facilities. However, extended families living together in Male has many benefits and drawbacks. Many people who realize extended families find that due to several generations living under the same roof, there are plenty of role models for the children of the household to look up to and correspond from, with many elder family members being able to pass down certain traditions to the younger members.In todays world where people talk about equal opportunity as well as high living costs, where both parents strike to work in order to provide all in all the necessities for the children, grandparents take care of the younger children. They see to that the c hild has nutritious food and keep an eye on them thus preventing them from getting into pretty habits. Also they talk to the children or share stories from their past which develops a strong bond between them. universe in a bigger family with more people to talk to help a child develop quicker.For example, with more voices in the house, toddlers may start talking quicker, also this helps children their language organic evolution. According to What influences child development? (2012), the family that invests time, energy and love in raising a child will see the most supreme growth. On the other go, different experiences and beliefs each generation grew up create barriers between generations. Grandparents have bar enjoying grandchildrens fashion, works situations, future plans or use of new technology.Grandchildren have surdy in understanding their grandparents because they odour that their privacy is being invaded, and their grandparents intervene in their life by setting li mits. Hence it develops conflict among the old generation and the young generations. Furthermore, living in Male very expensive. According to the Vulnerability and Poverty discernment 2004, renting households across all income groups paid around 45 percent of their income on rent.Thus manduction the rent and expenses among all the members resulted in many family members living in small households congested with a skunk of family members. Even though expenses of rent, utility bills and foods is shouldered by all members, be amiss and conflict arises on how members put forward to foot the bills and how they get to maximize the use of things which are bought to the household. For example, a computer system bought by one blood relative may be used more by a child of another sibling and may not be available for use when in need.These kinds misuse of facilities available create sibling rivalry. These kinds of conflicts leads to fallout among members which take longer to forgive and arguments fecal matter reignite very easily. On the other hand in an extended family you can find a stronger feeling of security being surrounded by family and knowing that there will be someone to support you when in need. Like everyone being able to support one another through a crisis such as one of the family members losing their job. In these cases, all extended family work together to support each other until a new job can be found.Extended families also give the feeling of belonging because we see people who have a link to us through origin, making them feel something bigger than just themselves. According to Population and Housing Census 2006 (2007), the capital Male with an area of about 2 sq. km. accommodates 35 percent of the countrys population of 298,968. In short this means that Male which has always been the center of all development in the country results in overcrowded housing units. Vulnerability and Poverty Assessment 2004 explains that between 1997 and 2004, th e proportion of people living inhouses with 40 square feet or fewer of housing areas per person has increased from 17 to 22 percent and the voice of houses with a compound has decreased from 57 to 39 percent hence making the capital city much more crowded. As a result members living in a household have less personal privacy and weak family relationships. Most of the time during weekends people want to be on their own, but in an extended family these types of freedom are not possible. It is certainly disturbing that somebody is playing cards or PS-3 or watching television while others are working at house or studying for exam or just relaxing.If kids are fighting and elders have a misunderstanding then in these families people will not have a peaceful environment. Parents find it difficult to spend quality time with their children on an individual basis and also find it impossible to have private time away from them. Lack of privacy is linked to depression and other negative ment al outcomes like physical health. First household crowding can produce stress that leads to illness. Second, through overlap physical proximity, household congestion contributes to the spread of communicable disease.A significant body of research, conducted primarily in affluent countries, has documented the unfavorable effects of housing conditions on a range of illnesses, including various transmissible diseases. On the other hand, where most of the family are working to earn a better income, household chores becomes easier as it is shared among all members. Humans are social, in terms of nature and thus they cannot live alone. Therefore, peoples character and ethics are grown and strengthened through family.It is proven that an extended family is a better economic unit because it consumes lesser resources and provides more role models for behavior of values. In conclusion living in extended family is tough because you lose a significant amount of freedom and is forced to devot e a lot for your family. But realize the value of having family to help and support when in need. Taking the country as a whole extended families will out win advantages over disadvantages. But insure to the capital city, Male, disadvantages outweighs advantages of extended family.

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Top 10 Interveiw Question and Answer Essay Example for Free

Top 10 Interveiw Question and Answer EssayIntroduce yourself Before I start, Id like to thank you for furnish me this opportunity by conducting this interview. My name is Jing Shen, and you lavatory foreshadow me Jane, I am from Dailian, I was studying and on the job(p) in Ireland for last 9 days, I got my Bachelors stagecoach in Accounting and Finance at 2008 from Dublin Business drill, and just before that, I got a certificate of Business English issued by higher education and training awards council Ireland.During my study, I also held confused part- date jobs, for these jobs, I learned m any valu qualified qualities, e. g. my starting time job was in a vitiated coffee shop which had only 3 staff, from this job, I learned how to work in a really(prenominal) busy environment both effectively and efficiently. At 2008, I found a job in shell petrol station as a cash counter, from this job, I learned the ability of prudence by conducting daily stock check and cash co unting. 2. What is your least likely playing area in school and why?I do not have a particularly subject that I wear upont like during my study, however, these were few subjects that I had less interest than otherwise, in these cases, I would spend much time on these less interested subject, and over time, these subjects often became more and more interesting to me during the study, on the other hand, for these subjects that I preferred, I naturally would study with pleasure, that why my overall result for e genuinely(prenominal) subject was quite balanced. 3. Greatest advantageI think my greatest advantage is taking job/ chore seriously and have the quality of prudence which probably results from my study of accounting. I am a untroubled team player, I like co-ordinate with others and quite open to take advice/different opinions from others. I eff working under pressure and enjoy taking challenges. As result of various part time jobs I have during these years, I am also a t ruly good adaptor, I elicit learn new suffers in a very short time and transfer them to useful working acquaintance.However, sometimes, I perhaps too persevere with a task to take easy for a small-arm this is probably also result from my study of accounting. 4. Do you think yourself as a good school-age child? In my point of view, to determinate whether a person is a good student should be establish on various aspects, rather than exam result alone. I have fairly well exam result, and also quite good personal development in other aspects, for example, I have very good ethical standard, quite diversified working experiences, the spirit of teamwork and excellent communication skills, therefore I think, yes, I am a good student. . Taking about your family I love my family very much, I was raised in a working class family, both of my parents are ordinary factory workers, although there was nothing special of their day to day work, they still love their jobs very much. My father ta kes his job very seriously and often working very later without any grumbles. My mother is a great person, she is very kind and warm to anyone, and happy to help other when they needed, therefore everybody loves her in her factory, by watch them, I learned the ability to working hand, take responsibility in jobs and becomes a honest person. . What is your expectation of the pains and its technology development? 7. For the position that you apply for, what do you think you short of? I think I can handle this position very well, however, I do understand I might be lack of experience for this particular job, I think that I can solve this problem very quickly if I get this job, I am a fast learner, I believe I can quickly integrate into companys corporate culture and get into a hale working state in a short time. . What kind of salary do you expected? I believe I have the competence and ability to doing this job well, however, as you do not give a very detail description of this job, I think we can talk this question bring forward later. 9. What can you bring to the company? I believe receptionist is a very important position for any company, it can add value to your company in at least 3 areas.Firstly, receptionist is often the first person that clients will meet, I promise I will give them a confident and pro image about our company, if I got this job, I will try to obtain as much knowledge as possible of our products, so I can give client first hand tuition if they ask. Secondly, I take work quite seriously, and I have quite good memory, therefore, I can give clients better service by memorize their question and requirement, and find most suitable commission to dealing these issues.Finally, I can work as a co-coordinator among clients, management and staffs, I also able to give accurate and timely information to any departments when they need it. 10. Do you have any other question? Would you provide any training or development programme for your employees ? Could I participating such(prenominal) programme? What are the promotion criteria or development route for your company? 10. What are the most laborious and most successful things during your life so far? For me, the most difficult and successful experience is substantial the same thing which is studying in a foreign country.I was only 21 years old when I went to Ireland, before that, I was never away from my parents, at that time, my English is very myopic and I did have any marketable skill, I did not know what is my future like, finding a job, learning the English, everything is hard to me at first and I had no one to support me. However, I didnt give up of myself, by working hard and with my own efforts I overcome these difficulties. In the 9 years which I studied in Ireland , I finished my degree and accomplished 9 of 14 subjects of ACCA exams, and I can proud to say, I earned every penny of the tuition and living fees during my afield study.

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Communicating change Essay Example for Free

Communicating change EssayWhen an cheek is undergoing changes, the management must communicate to employees to ensure they support the decision. Changes in an organization may cause conflicts peculiarly when all stakeholders are not aware the new aspects to be adopted. To communicate to employees about the changes when an organization is relocating to other state requires the managers to provide the strategies being adopted to safeguard the interests of employees.The management should consider the welfare of the employees by maintaining the employees go the organization is undergoing change. When an organization relocates its operations from one region to another, the management should support the employees to understand the new systems. counselling strategies should be changed to match the current needs of the employees (Burke, 2002).When changes are communicated to employees, they may react to support or disavow the new policies. When employees accept change, the managem ent should change its management style by adding more opportunities to improve their morale. When employees disdain change, the management should adopt a persuasive strategy where they will influence them to adopt the new policies. few changes may be compulsory for the management to work through and in such cases, there is no pickax but to influence employees accept the new strategies. Managers should interact with employees to determine their needs so as to implement acceptable strategies. Teams within the organization should be created to create synergies among the employees during the change process.Team leaders should be elect to support other employees. All members of the organization should hold a general staff meeting to argue about the new systems to be adopted. The organization should be prepared to provide resources to employees to relocate to the new offices. For example, the cost of carrying out the entire process can be covered by the management (Burke, 2002).Refer enceBurke, W. W. (2002). shaping change theory and practice. ISBN 0761914838, Sage.

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Current Intellectual Property Rights Essay Example for Free

menstruum Intellectual Property Rights EssayThey say the internet is best source of information when in honesty it translates as the best source of information that can be stolen. Current ingenious property pays laws see to be just pile of papers under a politicians secretarys desk. The irony is that it lacks the capability to respond to violations it was intended to contest. If the present conditions continue, new ideas ar in danger of organism copied and thus hampering their developments.Intellectual property right basically means legal entitlement to rational workssuch(prenominal) as names, inventions, trade secrets and written and recorded media thus keeping it safe from being stolen. This is quite hard because there the notion that no one can be original anymore exists and people enduret seem to care about a work being original at all. sometimes violations may come in a form of reconstruction of a work, using another psyches work as a model, but if studied closely , they are merely imitations.Violating others intellectual property is needless to say a actually unethical action. Opportunists save themselves time and the very difficult task of coming up with something original. These violations can be simply called theft in the earth of physical property. Legal problems concerning physical property are oft thawd compared to the vague realm of intellectual property. Violations such as theft can be easily charged to the violator of a physical property not legally entitled to them and the properties are properly given legal protection.Protection of intellectual properties is the main objective of the law, but the broadness of the description of the law weakens its credibility. The term intellectual property right is one of the most controversial terms of the present era. It is allay disputed and still globally unresolved. It is scarcely half a millennium since the first patents and copyrights were made. Current laws seem to be unqualified t o be the resolving of eradicating violations to intellectual property rights. The formulation of such laws is obviously inadequate and requires in depth revisions since the problem is still rampant.On the other hand, some critics of the laws says that intellectual property are just present because of they serve a utilitarian purpose. These laws are passed because it would be much convenient to perpetuallyyone than having them not exist at all. Still, many manage that it is not utilitarian at all because it can only be put into use by cases in which evidences can give support. Unfortunately, ideas cant be sealed in a plastic bag and presented to the court. And even if these laws are present, a system that can monitor the World Wide meshing seems to be far from the capacity of current technology.Since this an international problem, there is no legal system to resolve intellectual property violations if the parties involved are from different countries. Another big question is who will be enforcing this law? There a group that is capable and has the resources to apprehended violators spread across the globe, so violators are still Not all authors have enough resources to have their work patented. many authors dont even bother to have their works copyrighted because they view the process of it as bothersome and expensive. somewhat even view it as inadequate and has weak credibility.Many are resorting to publishing their work finished the internet which is the feeding ground for violators. This poses a threat to the development of new technologies. Companies are now, more than ever dependent on the internet. Violators are not merely copy-and-paste people, some are high-skilled computer hackers that may be employed to steal vital information from the competition. The realistic solution is not to be dependent much on the internet until the intellectual property right law is enforceable and serve its original function.Many is in doubt whether that time may come , but the important thing is that all of us should compliancy not just the law but the rights of our fellow human beings to create original works and be granted legal rights to those works. References Andersen B. 2006. Intellectual Property Rights Innovation, Governance, and the Institutional. USA Edward Elgar Publishing Christensen C. M. 1997. The Innovators Dilemma When New Technologies Cause massive Firms to Fail. Boston, Massachusetts, USA Harvard Business School Press

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Fast food Resturents in India Essay Example for Free

Fast f are Resturents in India Essay1. INTRODUCTIONGlobally, there is a growing demand for food away from home as a result of higher incomes, changes in consumption patterns, changes in household composition, and the time pressures created by dual-working families. The foodservice constancy has become highly competitive as the number of foodservice outlets has increased to meet the demand. In order to heed in such a competitive industry, eating house operators need to understand the factors (and their relative importance) that influence restaurant patrons decision when selecting a restaurant This research investigates consumer extract development the consumer decision-making carry out as a simulation and identifies the factors that influence the decisions of consumers in the upscale, ethnic segment of the foodservice industry. This chapter reviews the relevant literature about consumers and service, the consumer decision making process model, and previous studies in cons umers restaurant selection behavior. Furthermore, the interrelationships between customer satisfaction, food quality, service quality and choice intentions are discussed. Lastly, the restaurant choice factors, dining occasion, and demographic characteristics are reviewed.1.1 FASTFOODFast food is the term wedded to food that can be prepared and served very quickly. While any meal with low planning time can be considered to be fast food, typically the term refers to food sold in a restaurant or store with preheated or precooked ingredients, and served to the customer in a packaged form for take-out/take-away.1.2 CUSTOMER CHOICEIn microeconomics, the theory of consumer choice relates preferences (for the consumption of both goods and services). Preferences are the desires by each individual for the consumption of goods and services that translate into choices based on income or wealth for purchases of goods and services to be combined with the consumers time to define consumption ac tivities.1.3 FASTFOOD INDUSTRYThe fast food industry is rule by a handful of powerful corporations who are determined to aggressively drive production be to the minimum. Low wages are a central part of this program. Because every dollar an employer has to pay in the form of wages is one less dollar in their pocket. The lower the wages, the better the profits. The companies that have utilise this formula most successfully are McDonalds, Burger King and Yum (pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC).Together these huge conglomerates dominate the industry, employing 3.7 million passel worldwide operating a combined total of 60,000 stores.1.4 FASTFOOD RESTORENT IN INDOREIndore is famous city in a fast food industry. So many mncs and nation lavel corporation investing in the city. Indorins excessively analogous a fast food. Thats why many venture opened in indore like as-1.4.1 McDonaldsMcDonalds is the worlds largest drawing string of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving around 68 million cu stomers daily in 119 countries. Headquartered in the United States, the companionship began in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1948 they reorganized their business as a hamburger stand using production line principles. Businessman Ray Kroc joined the company as a franchise federal agent in 1955. He subsequently purchased the chain from the McDonald brothers and oversaw its worldwide growth. McDonalds primarily sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken, Frenchfries, breakfast items, softdrinks, milkshakes and desserts. In response to changing consumer tastes, the company has expanded its menu to include salads, fish, wraps, smoothies and fruit.1.4.2 Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a fast food restaurant chain headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, which specializes in fried chicken. An American icon, it is the worlds second largest restaurant chain overall (as measured by sales) after McDonalds, w ith over 18,000 outlets in 120 countries and territories as of December 2012. The company is a subsidiary of Yum Brands, a restaurant company which also owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.KFC was founded by Harland Sanders, who began selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky during the Great Depression. Sanders was one of the first throng to see the potential of the restaurant franchising concept, with the first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise opening in universal time in 1952.1.4.3 Pizza HutPizza field hut is the largest pizza Restaurant Company in the world. It has 12000 outlets in 90 countries employing more than 3 lakh people. The legacy of pizza hut began in 1958.In India there are not much outlets, out of 1086 countries India is one of them but only in 9 cities pizza hut has its outlets. Pizza Hut has an aggressive expansion plan for India. It intends to have 100 outlets by the end of 2004. Pizza Hut provide consolidate its presence in cities where it already exists as an endeavor to create a major share of these profitable markets first before spreading to other markets. Further, all new outlets in India would be franchisee owned resulting from the smooth functioning of the existing stores which are all franchisee owned. Hence, the same arrangement will be followed in the future to ensure growth-oriented results. The data written below represent what Pizza hut is all about and gives a brief profile of the company.1.4.4 Dominos PizzaJubilant solid food Works Limited (the Company) is a Jubilant Bhartia Group Company, The Company was incorporated in 1995 and initiated operations in 1996, The Company got listed on the Indian bourses in February 2010, Mr, Shyam S, Bhartia, Mr, Hari S, Bhartia and Jubilant Enpro Private Ltd, are the Promoters of the Company.The Company its subsidiary operates dominoes Pizza brand with the exclusive rights for India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, The Company is Indias largest and fastest growin g food service company, with a intercommunicate of 500+ Dominos Pizza stores Stores (as of 31st March, 2012) The Company is the market leader in the organized pizza market with a 54% market share (Euro monitor Report 2010) and 70% share in the pizza home delivery segment in India, The Company has strengthened its portfolio by entering into an accordance with Dunkin Donuts Franchising LLC, for developing the Dunkin Donuts brand and operating restaurants in India.

Customer Service Positions Essay Example for Free

Customer improvement Positions Essay in that respect are several types of client helper jobs out in the world that befool certain requirements and rearward rounds that need to be met in order to qualify for a certain job. I found a job post on Monster.com for a node serving management position through the association Ecovacs Robotic Inc. located in Glendale, California. A customer service manager is to provide excellent customer service policy for the organization, develop a customer service policy for the organization, manage and hire a squad of customer service staff, and handle face to face inquires. Ecovacs is a lodge that sales different miscellanea of electronics. To qualify for this position, you baffle to either have a Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience asset five years customer service experience. It is as well mandatory to have exceptional interpersonal colloquy and negation skills. (Monster.com) The major requirements to take shape at Ecovacs are performing excellent management, training, and development skills.As a customer service manager you mustiness lead your team to meet organizational objectives and achieve results to build up the company youre working for. Being fit to organize and plan multiple priorities to meet deadlines. Ecovacs wants you to have two years experience in the electronic and technology industry of sales. Majority of the customer service positions for different companies requires the same criteria as far as managing a team of staff, knowing how to communicate, and being able to set up plans and meeting your goals as a team and company. A median stipend for a customer service manager in the state of California is $38,000 a year. Californias salary is eight percent higher than average customer service manager salaries and incomes nationwide. Nationwide it ranges between $32,000 and $34,000 a year. (Indeed.com)On Jobpath.com they had an opening position for a medical receptionist in Illinois. A med ical receptionist works in the Healthcare Services according to Jobpath.com. A medical receptionist does not require college level education. The requirements to become a medical receptionist are to have one to three years experience as a receptionist in a medical practice. Itsrequired that you have open availability which means you are able to work a flexible schedule with rotating weekends. You must have a reliable source of deportation because youll have to travel to two different locations weekly. You must have knowledge of ICD-9 and CPIs and have excellent written and oral communications skills.A medical receptionist job is checking in patients, answering c on the whole off calls and taking messages. It is required that you know how to communicate with insurance companies in order for customers to receive prescription reportage and have valid insurance information. A medical receptionist must be able to constantly be on your feet, engaging in several tasks which require a lot of multi-tasking. The average salary for a medical receptionists ranges from $23,000 to $25,000 a year nationwide. (Indeed.com)Working at Safeway we are a company that promotes excellent customer service. I decided to research the job of a cashier position. I visited Safeway.com for more information just about a cashiers position. I did not find the information I needed so I went to Shrm.org for a detailed description about a cashier. A cashier, according to Dictionary.com is an employee, as in a grocery store or department store, who collects payments for customer purchases. A cashier is responsible for maintaining guest services as company standard, generate sales, operate sales, operate cash registers, and follow all company policies at all times. A cashier must have a high work diploma or the GED equivalent in order to qualify for the position. (Snagajob.com) The requirements to become a cashier are being able to work vary hours and days as business dictates.You must be abl e to read, count, and write all documentation accurately. You must be able to communicate with associates and guests and be willing to anticipate customer needs. You in addition are required to maintain awareness of all harvest-feast knowledge information, weekly promotions, and offer samples to customers when asking about a certain product, if youre able to sample it. I know this first hand working in the bakery at Safeway. A cashier must also know how to make labels and tags for promotional items and product that goes on in sale in general. Also you must complete all duties assigned by management and communicate when youre done with those duties or duty. Depending on what state you reside, a cashier posterior make $6.99 to $14.00 an hour or more. (Snagajob.com)The last job I decided to do research on was the position of a daycare assistant. My mother and sister are in the process of opening a childcare center so I thought it would be good to do research on the responsibilitie s of a daycare assistant. A daycare assistant is an employee who assists the director or teacher of a daycare facility with enrollment, hiring and supervising faculty, facility management, maintaining superb customer relations, handling management reporting tasks, and working with children from newborns to twelve years of age. (Indeed.com) The responsibilities of a daycare assistant is to set up activities and clean up after children. They also have to supervise children and help with jobs such as feeding and diapering toddlers and infants. Assistance keeps track of toddlers and infants behavior and communicates go up of children to parents.In order to become a daycare assistant, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent. You must be CPR and first aid certified just in case a staff member or child chokes on food or an object. You also must get a background check in which you have to have a reproduce clearance, no criminal background like child abuse, sexual assault, domest ic violence, prosecution, and molestation. Assistants who want to become daycare teachers or supervisors usually should have a minimum of an Associates stop in the domain of Childhood of proterozoic Learning. (Ehow.com) According to Indeed.com, the average salary for daycare assistants are $38,000 a year nationwide.There are all types of customer service jobs out there that require all different types of responsibilities and education. Working in the field of customer service, I have met most of the requirements from each job I researched online. I want to work in the field of communication and I know it is required that I have a Bacherlors degree and exceptional customer service skills and have knowledge about my job.ReferencesDaycare Assistant resourcesDavies, Faith. Day dish out Assistant Job Description EHow. EHow. Demand Media, 22 Dec. 2009. Web. 19 Jan. 2014. http//www.ehow.com/facts_5790737_day-care-assistant-job-description.htmlJob Not Found Indeed.com. Indeed.com. N.p ., n.d. Web. 19 Jan. 2014. http//www.indeed.com/viewjob?cmp=Doodle-Bugs-Children%27s-Centerst=Child+Carejk=c220f26e0c22377esjdu=PfqW7OX-Y30gm1KgHUU8l4rlETR0V6maUXSL9Dn0qzaLz8h-P_GYMqQakJ_0OjgHzv1wNooo0v2ri2iBDlHIvQ demolish ResourcesAbout SHRM. Login. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Jan. 2014. http//www.shrm.org/TemplatesTools/Samples/JobDescriptions/Pages/CMS_001514.aspx Safeway Official Site. Safeway Official Site. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Jan. 2014. http//www.safeway.com/IFL/Grocery/HomeCashier Job Description. How to Become a Cashier. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Jan. 2014. http//www.snagajob.com/job-descriptions/cashier-2Medical Receptionist ResourcesMedical Receptionist Position Description. Jobpath.com Illnois, N.p., Web. 19 Jan. 2014 https//www.jobpath.com/medicalreceptionistCustomer Service Manager ResourcesCustomer Service Manager Job Description. Prospects.ac.uk. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Jan. 2014. http//www.prospects.ac.uk/customer_service_manager_job_description.htmCustomer Service Manager. Job in Gl endale 91203, California US. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Jan. 2014. Ecovacs Robotics Inc. http//jobview.monster.com/customer-service-manager-job-glendale-ca-us-128460946.aspxMajor Website Resources To Find JobsSearch Jobs for FREE with Monster. Search Jobs for FREE with Monster. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Jan. 2014.http//promotion.monster.com/keywordjobsearch-new/?WT.srch=1WT.mc_n=olm_tm_srch_ggl_gen_slk_clickid=52fa51bf-8f42-fe09-033a-00003cc42730k_trackingid=9716314gclid=CMHsgLWAjLwCFQPZQgod73MAFA

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Conservation of Races Essay Example for Free

Conservation of Races EssayThe United States of America, since its commencement, has been a melting pot of different nationalities. While the verge melting pot sounds forthcoming, this is not the case in reality. Many times cultures collide due their differences in ideology, culture, and geographical proximity. Such culture clashes rush marked the history of the United States. Race is usually sentiment of in the physical sense with difference in skin color, hair, facial features, and language. Although washoutcourse usually follows along physical lines, it is much more far reaching and extends into the social and cultural beliefs. In the past, the dominant crusade was to keep these beliefs separate, consequently increasing the feeling of racial unity and racism in society. History has shown us that man has used segregation as a method of not only keeping the peace, moreover also of keeping the purity of a backwash in tact. In 1897, an address to the black academy entitl ed The Conservation of Races, W. E. B. Dubois states The motility, then which we must seriously consider is this What is the real meaning of Race what has, in the past, been the law of race increment, and what less(prenominal)ons has the past history of race development to teach the rising Negro population?I thought the caliber of Dubois intelligence and boldness to ask the question was compelling. Throughout this essay I volition explore and illustrate how Dubois comes to answer the questions, which he asked his audience. I found it easier to dissect the complex question into three separate questions. First I will illustrate how Dubois defines race. Then I will boom where the basis of the law of race development is formulated. Finally, he answers the question what can lessons of past history of race development teach the rising Negro? W. E.B Dubois writes that he believes that the conservation of races is the cornerst angiotensin converting enzyme of keeping the Negro race pur e and intact. Thus, for him, race preservation is not backed only with racial motives, but to dish out society better itself as a whole. The history of the world is outlined by the histories of different groups and races. He states, If it be true the history of the world is the history, not of individuals, but of groups, not of nations, but of races, and he who ignores or seeks to override the race idea in human history ignores and overrides the central thought of history (pg.142).In The Conservation of Races Dubois stresses the importance of surveying the whole question of race. He criticizes a biological account of race. He claims that such an account is inadequate because it fails to explain both the wide variety of physical traits within a race and the physical likenesses sh bed by all humans. For example he states, Many criteria of race differences have in the past been proposed, as color, hair, cranial measurements and language. And manifestly in each of these respects differ astray (pg 142).Instead, Du Bois proposes a definition of race found on sociohistorical criteria that emphasized cultural and political loyalty. He defines race as a vast family of human beings, generally of common root and language, always of common history, traditions and impulses, who be both voluntarily and involuntarily striving together for the accomplishment of certain more or less vividly conceived rarefieds of life (pg. 142). I would have to agree with Dubois that race is a combination of language, traditions, color, impulses, common blood and ideals of life. This is extremely evident in the anatomy of the world.You can have people who are physically, spiritually, politically, socially, etc. precise different be members of the same race. Although the wonderful developments of human history teach that the grosser physical differences of color, hair and trick out go but a short way towards explaining the different roles which groups of men has played in serviceman Pr ogress, yet there are differences- subtle, delicate, and elusive, though they may be which have silently but unquestionably separated men into groups (pg 142). Here Du Bois suggest an ideal of the law of race development.He further adds, At all times, however, they have divided human beings into races, which, while they perhaps transcend scientific definition nerveless, are clearly defined to the eye of the Historian and Sociologist (pg. 142). I think and maybe Du Bois would agree that the idea of race is an outdated, invalid scientific concept used to categorize individuals and validate who is superior or inferior. As discussed in class I dont think racism will ever cease to exist, because the ideal of race is far too prevalent from individuals of all sizes, shapes, and colors. And focusing on the illusion of race will never solve the problem of racism.The only way to stop racism is to end the classification of individuals based on meaningless physical characteristics as a whole and celebrate diversity. Finally, he answers the third fragment to his complex what can the lessons of past laws of racial development teach rising Negro people. By respondent this question he attempts to motivate African Americans to create a recognizable culture and make a difference in the world. He believed that African Americans had potential. He thought that in order eliminate the problems African Americans were facing the focus must first be on boosting the African American culture.He states, As such, it is our duty to conserve our physical powers, our intellectual endowments, our spiritual ideals as a race we must make by race organization, by race solidarity, by race unity to the realization of the broader humanity which freely recognizes differences in men, but sternly deprecates inequality in their opportunities of development (pg. 145). Dubois also saw the need for one main intellectual entity, a Negro Academy. Dubois eloquently stated, for all these products of the Negro mind, which we may call a Negro Academy.Not only is all this necessary for positive advancements, it is absolutely imperative for negative demur (pg. 145). He also notes that the African race has not yet been able to share its message. He sates, For the development of Negro genius, of Negro literature and art, of Negro spirit Negroes inspired by the vast ideal, can take a crap out in its fullness the great message of humanity (pg. 144). In closing, races embody within themselves the answers modern-day societys problems. However, a better description of the status of the Negro message would be a work in progress.